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Artificial Turf Increases Home Value!
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Friday, 28 August 2009 09:18


Value-Added Benefits
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How does a 100% to 200% return on investment (”R.O.I”) sound to you?  Too good to be true?  Not according to a Money Magazine

story on home renovations or Penn State University, Department of Landscape Architecture.  They both agree that a well done landscaping home improvement offers the best return on investment of any home improvement you can make; and that you will get a 100% to 200% return on your investment when applied to a home’s resale value.  This far surpasses the R.O.I. you could hope to gain from a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, swimming pool, or any other home improvement.  Yet homeowners rarely think of landscaping first when remodeling in hopes of commanding a higher home price.  Even if you aren’t planning to move, it’s nice to know you are adding real value to your home by installing synthetic grass — not to mention the savings from water usage and costs of maintaining real grass.  And it looks great! Fake grass harmonizes well with surrounding foliage.  Our products are very realistic and compliment nature, which gives your home great curb appeal.
A real estate appraiser or agent would tell you that landscaping contributes to a home in two ways.  First it simply adds to the total value of the property, and second is the aesthetic role landscaping plays when trying to sell a house.  It’s tough to measure how powerful a value-oriented landscape could be in the selling process.  For a prospective buyer, it is very hard to separate the house and the landscaping.  For two houses equal in all other respects, the one with better curbside appeal will sell faster.  Though it’s difficult to define what makes a landscape pleasing, it’s obvious to everyone when something’s not.  An ugly lawn speaks to the type of owner and how the entire house is cared for.  A beautiful lawn can increase the perceived square footage of a home because this is seen as really useable area.

Artificial Turf/Synthetic Turf Grass Lawns are a cost effective alternative to natural sod grass.  Return on investment is almost certainly realized within the warranty period of the artificial turf grass lawn product.  Artificial grass/synthetic turf lawns can cut your water bill in half, save you on the maintenance costs of a gardener or yard man, possibly save you from installing a sprinkler system, and most importantly add value to your life by giving you a perfectly manicured, maintenance free lawn and leave you with more time to do the things you really enjoy in life.  The initial investment in an artificial turf grass lawn is significantly more than a real grass lawn but it is an investment.  Just as they say, the rich get richer because they are able to make investments in things such as artificial turf grass lawns which really do save the owner money in the long run.

We are all familiar with the term curb appeal, the buzz word in re-sale of homes. Realtors know the first impression of a prospective homebuyer is the most important.  Additionally, every homeowner wants the most coveted lawn in the neighborhood.  Artificial grass can really make a house pop and look much better than others on the market. In today’s competitive housing market this can mean the difference between sale and no sale.  With California’s environmental concerns, having the perfect lawn can be a challenge.  Many municipalities are imposing restrictions on what days of the week a homeowner can water their lawn.  If they are caught watering their lawn on days not designated, a hefty fine will be imposed.  Perfect lawns are also not environmentally conscious.

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