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Residential Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass for your Home

Cost Effective, Low Maintenance, and ‘Green’ All Year!

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Are you tired of watering, seeding, sodding, aerating, and mowing?  “Frass” Fake Grass is Southern California’s provider of a wide variety of artificial turf products, each specially manufactured to serve a specific purpose.  You can enjoy the benefits of an immaculate real grass lawn without all the trouble.  Artificial Turf is the solution to your residential artificial grass lawn needs.

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Residential landscaping is one of the most important factors affecting a home’s curb appeal and can increase the salability of a home.

We are all familiar with the term curb appeal, the buzz word in re-sale of homes. Realtors know the first impression of a prospective homebuyer is the most important.  Additionally, every homeowner wants the most coveted lawn in the neighborhood.  Artificial grass can really make a house pop and look much better than others on the market. In today’s competitive housing market this can mean the difference between sale and no sale.  With California’s environmental concerns, having the perfect lawn can be a challenge.  Many municipalities are imposing restrictions on what days of the week a homeowner can water their lawn.  If they are caught watering their lawn on days not designated, a hefty fine will be imposed.  Perfect lawns are also not environmentally conscious.

Besides wasting thousands of gallon of precious drinking quality water when there are many places around the world with no quality water available; it is wasteful of personal resources such as your money spent on the water bill.  Fertilizer which is a necessity for a healthy lawn washes away with rain water and runs into California waterways and contaminates them.  Add mowing, a shady gardener lurking around your house, fertilizing, aerating, weeding, seeding, edging, and watering, and you’ve got a real hassle on your hands beyond the environmental factor.  The perfect answer to growing, mowing, and environmental problems is artificial grass.  Los Angeles and all fo Southern California Including Palmdale, CA real estate agents has been one of the biggest markets for artificial turf because its residents are generally financially secure and environmentally conscious.  Artificial lawns are realistic.  They now look and feel like natural grass.  They can withstand the harshest weather and will stay uniform and beautiful year ‘round.

No more pesticide or herbicides! Artificial grass lawns are soft and a great idea for people with kids since it is allergen free and a great shock absorber.  “Frass” Fake Grass offers up to a two inch pad which is installed under your artificial grass to protect kids from injuries, or if you just want to feel like you’re walking on the moon (like having the very best padding under your carpet).  With synthetic grass, animals can’t dig through, and it is resistant to bacteria.  Say goodbye to brown/muddy spots and holes resulting from pets.  Artificial grass is non-toxic and provides no home for fleas or other creepy insects/critters.  Artificial grass requires almost no maintenance unless you have pets, and if so it is still very low maintenance.  Simply hose down the area after picking up after your pet.  Look for Los Angeles County water rebate programs currently being offered in a select number of areas.  Artificial lawns go by a number of terms: synthetic grass lawns, artificial grass lawns, synthetic turf, artificial turf, fake turf, fake grass, putting green, putting greens, synthetic putting greens, artificial putting greens, Home Turf, Astro Turf/Astroturf, or waterless grass.  Whatever term you use, an artificial grass lawn will give you years of lush looking, maintenance free lawn and leave you time and money to do the things you really enjoy.  Another great way to use synthetic turf is for artificial putting greens.  “Frass” synthetic putting greens provide Los Angeles homeowners with convenient and inexpensive entertainment for friends and family.  Your private putting green will have a true roll and play like a natural bent grass putting green.  L.A. County water rebates are currently available and help make artificial grass more affordable for you.  Call “Frass” artificial turf (800) 966-TURF for more details. Artificial turf has commercial applications as well and can save businesses a lot of headaches.

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How does a 100% to 200% return on investment sound to you?  Too good to be true?  Not according to a Money Magazine story on home renovations or Penn State University, Dept. of Landscape Architecture.  They both agree that a well done landscaping home improvement offers the best return on investment of any home improvement you can make; and that you will get a 100% to 200% return on your investment when applied to a home’s resale value.  This far surpasses the R.O.I. you could hope to gain from a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, swimming pool, or any home improvement.  Yet homeowners rarely think of landscaping, or artificial turf when remodeling in hopes of commanding a higher asking price.  Even if you aren’t planning to move, it’s nice to know you are adding real value to your home by installing synthetic grass.  Not to mention the savings from the water and maintenance costs of real grass, and it looks better!  Fake grass harmonizes well with surrounding foliage.  Our new products are very realistic and compliment nature which gives your home great curb appeal.

A real estate appraiser or agent would tell you that landscaping contributes to a home in two ways.  First it simply adds to the total value of the property, and second is the role landscaping plays when trying to sell a house.  It’s tough to measure how powerful a value-oriented landscape could be in the selling process.  For a prospective buyer it is very hard to separate the house and the landscaping.  Two houses being equal in all other respects, the one with better curbside appeal will sell faster.  Though it’s difficult to define what makes a landscape pleasing it’s obvious to everyone when something’s not.  A crumby lawn speaks to the type of owner and how the entire house is cared for.   A beautiful lawn can increase the perceived square footage of a home because this is seen as really useable area.

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“Frass” has installed over one thousand artificial lawns in Southern California.  A proven track record of that many happy customers speaks for itself.  “Frass” provides quality artificial grass products and installation services to Southern California at fair prices.  We are licensed, bonded and insured.  We pay worker’s compensation and do not hire day laborers.  Our synthetic grass installers are skilled craftsmen and take pride in their workmanship.  “Frass” is on the cutting edge of equipment involved in the installation of artificial turf.  We maintain our trucks and tools which makes our artificial turf installers happy.

Beware of companies who overcharge – and those who undercharge…“Frass” artificial turf of Southern California treats others as we would want to be treated ourselves..FAIRLY!  Don’t be duped into paying too much for an average artificial grass product because someone has a sports figure in their advertising.  Also, don’t be duped by an unlicensed, unscrupulous business who is here today but gone tomorrow, even though they may charge a little less.  Do your homework and you will find “Frass” offers a great value for all of your artificial grass needs, and will be here for you in the future.