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Testimonials Artificial Grass

“We loved our Home Turf front lawn so much, that we did the back lawn also.  The contour of our lawn, and the multi-colored fibers looked so realistic that our neighbors did it also.  Home Turf was great to work with at every step of the process from their receptionist, to the salesperson, and the installers.”

Amy and Conrad Ballecer

Encinitas, California

“After doing thorough research on the various artificial turf companies in San Diego we found that Home Turf offered the best value.  Their product made specifically for dogs has been everything the salesman said it would be.”

Susan and Marv Brandon

San Diego, California

“Our artificial turf is the envy of the neighborhood.  People are always complimenting us on it.  Charles and I couldn’t be happier with how low maintenance and great looking our front lawn is.”

Mary and Charles Conroy

San Diego, California

“We wanted low maintenance and we got it.  I don’t think we have had to do anything to the turf in the three years we have had it installed, and it still looks like new.”

Dick and Tony Morosini

San Diego, California

“We are getting older and mowing the grass every month was a big deal for Doug.  It’s a big deal for anybody to mow.  It’s over three thousand square feet.  Life is a lot simpler now.  Our front lawn is on a corner and highly visible.  We constantly have people complimenting us on our beautiful lawn, and we are happy to refer Home Turf.”

Doug and Beverly Tico

Carlsbad, California

“Our lawn area is over 13 thousand square feet and Home Turf turned it into a green paradise!  Previously unused and rocky terrain now looks like an inviting, smooth area.  The artificial grass really gave our house an extreme makeover.”

Pearl and Peter Hui

Poway, California

“After my Dad died, my Mom didn’t want to bother with maintaining the lawn anymore.  Home Turf installed our synthetic grass in less than one week, just as promised.”

Michael Yerbeck

San Diego / Scripps Ranch, California

“Our dogs really love our artificial turf from Home Turf.  If our dogs could smile, they would.  They instantly began rolling around and appeared happier than I’ve seen them in a long time.”

Diane and Marvin Sloben

San Diego / Clairemont, California

“I didn’t realize how much our dead grass front lawn was dragging the looks of the entire house down until we installed Home Turf artificial grass.”

George C.

San Diego / Clairemont, California

“After our putting green was damaged in the Cedar Fire our insurance company was slow to help us replace it.  Home Turf certainly got it done quickly once insurance gave us the go ahead.”

Mike Bennett

Rancho Santa Fe / San Diego, California

“Our students couldn’t be happier with our new artificial turf from Home Turf.  Our playground looks so much nicer now.  Thanks to the entire team at Home Turf for doing such a great job!”

Pati Martinez – NHA Leucadia Headstart

Encinitas, CA 82024

“Home Turf was by far the best bang for the buck we found.  We even have a relative in the artificial turf business but his products weren’t nearly the value of what Home Turf offered.”

Evelyn and Chris Bennett

Mira Mesa / San Diego, California

“My dogs and I love our new artificial turf from Home Turf!  I felt like they were very honest and fair in all of their dealings with me.  I will certainly be referring my friends to Home Turf.”

Hillary Bateman

Point Loma / Sunset Cliffs / San Diego, California

“Our artificial grass was the best thing that ever happened to my little backyard.  Our dogs love it and our condo looks so much better with green grass now.  Thank you Sam and the entire crew at Home Turf, you were great.”

Glen and Biancha Livernuche

College Area / San Diego, California

“Thank you Home Turf for a job well done.  We love your synthetic grass and enjoyed doing business with you.  We also want to compliment your installers.  They were so polite and skilled.  If you ever want to show off our installation, don’t hesitate to call.”

Stacy and Dusty Adams

Vista, California

“Our view looks even better now with healthy looking artificial turf.  Thanks for a job well done Home Turf.”

Jaci and Mitch Smith

La Jolla / San Diego, California

“We have the best looking front lawn in the neighborhood.  And no one ever sees us mowing it!  Artificial grass was one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

Anne and Wes Lee

Carmel Valley / San Diego, California

“As you can probably guess, we love our Home Turf lawn.  That’s why I had my mom and stepdad install your artificial turf at their house after we did ours.”

Bridget and Kirk Hassett

Carmel Valley / Solana Beach / Coronado / San Diego, California

“Our kids our new playground turf so much more than our old wood chips.  It looks and feels better and has held up to serious wear and tear already.”

Steve and Jodi Bridge

La Mesa / San Diego, California

“The best investment for a homeowner is landscaping, period.  I have a lawn that takes care of itself and my visitors don’t realize that it’s not real grass.  Thanks Home Turf for my great artificial lawn.”

Bill Spencer

Rancho Bernardo / San Diego, California

“We have a blast playing volley ball on our new artificial turf.  All the neighbors come over and play and are always impressed with your turf.”

Jamie Peet

Carlsbad, California

“Our little dog couldn’t be happier with our synthetic grass.  We agree with him.”

Mary and Obie Oberlander

Spring Valley / San Diego, California

“Our three dogs absolutely love their new lawn.  Your installers did a great job making the hill we requested and it looks like natural grass.  You can send anyone over to see our front lawn.”

Shad and Amy Park

La Mesa / San Diego, California

“Thanks Home Turf for giving our front lawn an extreme makeover!  The neighbors can’t believe how realistic our artificial lawn looks.  Thanks again for your wonderful customer service and product.  I wish your company was involved in other home improvement projects.”

Chuck and Leeann Downing

Point Loma / San Diego, California

“After a lot of research it was tough for me to make a decision on what artificial turf company to choose.  I feel as though I made the best decision now going with Home Turf and would recommend you to anyone.”

Melissa Dollaghan

La Jolla / San Diego, California

“Your artificial grass really made my flowers pop.  Great work Home Turf!  I wish you all the success you deserve.”


Del Mar / San Diego, California

“Thank you for repairing my existing artificial turf.  No other companies had any interest in dealing with it.  You were very fair in what you charged for the work.  You are a great team.  Thanks again.”

Dr. Klein

Alpine, California

“My wife and I were so impressed with Sam Reel your salesman, the Soules brothers your installers and the way the job turned out that we recommended Home Turf to a few of our friends already.  We were surprised at how much really went into the installation of the turf.  It wasn’t nearly as easy as we thought from the simple description that was described to us.  The finished product looks like real grass.  The turf really came to life when they put the infill in.”

Bob Hoffman

Fallbrook, California

“You guys did one heck of a job!  Filling in our old swimming pool was a serious undertaking but your team of great turf installers did it far less time than was expected.  I love when contractors under promise and over deliver as you did.  Our back yard is much more useful now and we certainly feel good about our Home Turf.”

Jack and Marian Whaley

Clairemont / San Diego, California

“It has been great working with you and your company.  The pride your installers showed in their work is incredible.  They took their time making sure that everything was perfect at every step of the installation.  Home Turf is head and shoulders above the competition I’m sure.  It is rare to find many people in any profession at all that show price in their work as they did.  Our two big dogs love their new ‘Home Turf’ and are lucky dogs they know.  The artificial turf is clean for our pets, and always there and ready for use just as you said it would be.”

Adeline and Paul Schooling

San Pesqual / San Diego, California

“Home Turf has changed the way my friends and family see artificial turf.  They all used to think of fake grass as something cheap and fake looking.  Now they are all green with envy.”

Stephen McKeller

La Jolla / San Diego, California

“Dear Home Turf, I would like to thank Wes Darby for his tremendous recommendations on our entire landscaping project not just the artificial turf.  He made a significant impact on the outcome of our beautiful back yard.  Your company has made a place that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is low maintenance.  Thanks to everyone at Home Turf for being such a great team.”

Patricia Mullins

Carlsbad, California

“Our artificial grass lawn is everything we thought it would be.  Thanks for the assistance in getting the water conservation rebate for artificial turf.  That really saved us a lot of money due to the large square footage we installed.  Thank you Home Turf for being helpful every step of the way.”

Debbie Norris

Poway / San Diego, California

“Artificial turf is a remarkable product.  You have certainly made my husband and I happy with our maintenance free landscaping.  Feel free to send anyone by to see our front lawn – we catch our neighbors walking on it and admiring it all the time.  We have already given Home Turf’s name and number to several of them.  I think that the artificial turf business is the wave of the future and you certainly deserve to be in the industry.”

Jody Riddle

San Marcos, California

“I am so impressed with the value I got from Home Turf.  After having estimates from six artificial grass companies, Home Turf was the clear choice.  I feel great about my purchase and thank you Home Turf for doing such a great job!”

Rex Soria

Chula Vista / San Diego, California

“As a board member of the water conservation gardens, I realized the water savings of artificial turf.  What I didn’t realize is how much it would simplify my life.  I don’t have to do a thing to my lawn anymore and I have the best looking lawn on the block.  I am green, and my neighbors are certainly envious.  Your artificial grass, and company came highly recommended by a friend on the water conservation board.  I encourage more homeowners to be a part of the water conservation movement by installing artificial grass.  What most people don’t know is that roughly fifty percent of their water usage is going to watering their lawn.  If homeowners were to put a meter on their irrigation lines they would be shocked to see how much water they are wasting – or water they could be saving by installing artificial turf.”

Bill Verbek

Spring Valley / El Cajon / San Diego, California

“I’ve been mowing my lawn since I was a kid every other Sunday.  Now that I installed a synthetic grass lawn, I find more time to do the things I would really rather be doing on Sunday, such as watching the Chargers game or talking with my family.  Thanks Home Turf for helping me change my life for the better.”

Glen Dangermond

Oceanside, California

“Dear Home Turf, Thanks for being meticulous in all the details of our dealings.  From the design consultant, Wes Darby to the installation crew, I was impressed every step of the way.  I couldn’t believe how realistic artificial grass can look.  It was one thing to see it in the display box but to see the turf complimenting my planter area and cut around the jagged rock border so well – it is almost surreal.  You guys are artists not just artificial turf guys.”

Robert Miller

Encinitas, California

“My putting green is not just for puttin’ around.  This is serious landscaping!  I have a great time chipping, having contests, and playing little games with my friends.  As Wes said, this is really a great way to practice my short game.  I have Home Turf to thank for my much improved short game.”

Mickey Torres

Santee, California

“My artificial putting green is tons of fun.  My husband and kids play almost every afternoon.  Our artificial grass and putting green is one of the best home improvements we ever made.”

Fran Reese

Rancho Santa Fe, California

“I love my Home Turf!  My pit bull runs up and down the lawn all day.  If your artificial grass can hold up to that it can survive anything.”

Valerie Michalski

Lakeside, California

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