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Artificial Grass Environmental Benefits

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Artificial turf doesn’t require watering.  Because of your water savings, you can take longer showers, leave the water running while you brush your teeth (but we don’t recommend it) and still feel great knowing that you are saving Southern California and our environment precious water.

Artificial/synthetic turf grass lawns save you 50% to 70% of your total residential water usage.  Synthetic/artificial turf grass greatly reduces your water bills and will do so for decades.  Artificial turf grass lawns pay for themselves in water and maintenance cost savings alone.

Synthetic/artificial turf grass lawns are environmentally friendly in many ways.  Synthetic grass of course conserves Southern California’s precious fresh water resources.

Artificial grass lawns require no fertilizer which saves area bays lakes and the Ocean from urban run-off which pollutes our waters.

Herbicides are unnecessary because, as you might guess, artificial turf grass lawns are not susceptible to lawn diseases and pests.

Not mowing the lawn is a great help to our ozone layer and preventing global warming.  Did you know that one lawn mower can pollute as much as ten (10) cars!?  Not to mention saving the lawn/yard man the gas he would burn on the way to maintain your real grass lawn.

Artificial/synthetic turf grass yards also add usable square footage to your home.  We hear over and over from our artificial turf grass customers that they find they are using their lawns now, where before it was almost an off-limits area.  Lawns that were previously a dry dusty wasteland or an overwatered muddy/dirty area are now pristine manicured grass which is always available to be used.  If you want to soak the artificial turf grass down with water all day, put out a Slip N Slide, and have a turf party, artificial grass from “Frass” can take whatever you can dish out.

An added benefit financial benefit is that you may be albe to get money back from the water company in your area (please check what restrictions may apply).

Owners of synthetic turf should be awarded a metal for saving so much water – not just a rebate.
Artificial/synthetic turf grass lawns eliminate many mundane chores related to natural sod grass.  Chores such as pulling weeds in the lawn, thatching and aerating are a thing of the past.  Palmdale, California real estate is a desert so conserve our precious water!  Spend the most precious resource you have (TIME) doing something other than maintaining your lawn.

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Artificial Grass

*Artificial turf is a friend to the environment.