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Pet Benefits

Artificial Turf Pet Benefits

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artificial grass for dogs

*This dog loves our artificial grass!

Imagine an artificial turf lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from dog wear and tear and much more appealing to the eye than natural grass….. with a synthetic turf grass lawn from “Frass” Fake Grass this can be your reality!

It’s hard enough to get real grass to grow in Southern California–without your dog working against your best efforts. Many Los Angeles area homeowners with dogs have similar problems with their lawns.  They can’t get their grass to grow because of over or under watering, improper fertilizing, poor drainage, and pet waste and digging.  The most common culprit killing grass in Los Angeles is the family dog.  Dogs cause brown/dead spots in real grass, resulting in an unappealing and unusable lawn.  Los Angeles homeowners with dogs and natural grass lawns are fighting an uphill battle.  Dog owners water, fertilize, mow, edge, aerate, and re-sod their lawns, yet the same problems rear their ugly heads.  Some Los Angeles-area dog owners with real grass just accept defeat and live with horrible looking lawns. Artificial turf from “Frass” Fake Grass is the solution.

Green, beautiful lawns are not out of reach if you are a dog owner in Southern California.  “Frass” Fake Grass can help you turn this “vicious” cycle into a “virtuous” cycle, saving money spent on lawn maintenance, water, and helping the environment by eliminating run-off from fertilizers, pesticides, etc.  For Los Angeles area dog owners synthetic grass lawns have become a realistic, affordable, and popular solution for problem lawns.  Your lawn is one of the most important factors impacting your home’s curb appeal.  If you feel frustrated with your natural grass lawn problems, just know that many other Southern Californian’s have felt the same way and have found that synthetic grass designed for pets from “Frass” Fake Grass solved their problems and improved their lives in more ways than they thought possible.  Lawns, previously unused, become a recreation area again, and increase the usable square footage of a home.

Kids, dogs, and adults will love to play on a practically indestructible, beautifully manicured, maintenance free lawn, with no down time due to sprinklers, mowing, etc.  Drainage is exceptional, so if your kids want to pull out the Slip n’ Slide and soak the synthetic lawn all day – not a problem (and you will not feel bad about using the water to do it because of how much water you’re saving not watering your synthetic grass lawn on a regular basis).  The County of Los Angeles is offering water conservation rebates (in select areas) for installing artificial grass lawns, and our synthetic turf designed specifically for dogs will more than qualify.  Call “Frass” of Southern California for more detailed and up to date information on water conservation rebates for installing artificial turf at your home.

Some artificial turf products provide poor drainage for dog urine.  These synthetic turf products will develop a smell over time which is very difficult to get rid of.  “Frass” Fake Grass of Los Angeles has specific recommendations for dog owners.  We suggest using a specially designed artificial turf product for pets – and backing that offers superior drainage with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial characteristics.  For certain artificial turf installations for dogs we recommend burying green, treated wood along the perimeter to prevent dogs from pulling up an edge.  Another recommendation for certain dog-oriented artificial turf installations is to leave the sprinkler system in tact so that you can automatically soak the artificial grass lawn down periodically to prevent pet odors on the synthetic pet turf.  “Frass” Fake Grass has performed hundreds of artificial turf installations specifically for dogs.  We have years of experience with what specific artificial turf products and installation procedures are best for pets — specifically dogs. Rest assured that you will get the best of quality, most realistic, and functional synthetic grass lawn product for dogs on the market today.

“Frass” Fake Grass is Southern California’s premier synthetic turf grass dealer and installer.  We believe we offer the best value in all of Southern California on installed artificial turf for dogs and pets of all kinds.  Our trained, knowledgeable installers have performed over one thousand synthetic turf installations and have the experience you deserve.  Contact “Frass” Fake Grass today to learn more about our specially designed artificial turf for dogs.

•   Dogs and their masters in Southern California love our synthetic turf grass because it’s easier to keep clean and more sanitary than real grass.
•   Waste is simply swept up and the artificial turf is rinsed-off.
•   All of our artificial turf infill choices whether it is sand, rubber, or the acrylic coated silica sand, are resistant to bacterial growth and are non-toxic to dogs and other pets.
•   Artificial turf/fake grass (‘frass’) from “Frass” Synthetic Lawns feels softer on paws than dirt, concrete or real grass.  Dogs love their artificial grass in the Palmdale, CA real estate agent area.
•   Muddy spots and yellow grass are a thing of the past, as dog droppings will not stain or discolor artificial turf lawns.
•   Dogs can’t dig through “Frass” Fake Grass Synthetic Grass Lawn products.
•   You will spend less time cleaning dogs and carpets since dirt is eliminated with fake grass.
•   Artificial grass from “Frass” Synthetic Lawns helps maintain a pleasant and safe environment for your dogs and doesn’t pick up an odor.
•   Urine drains right through the artificial turf.
•   Your yard will always be available for your pets, as a synthetic lawn from “Frass” of Los Angeles obviously requires no gardener or watering.
•   Any household chemical can be used to clean up messes on your synthetic turf.
artificial grass dog

*Synthetic turf is great for dogs as well as just landscaping.

artificial turf dog3

*Notice the brown thatch fiber in this artificial grass.

artificial grass dog2

*This dog is smiling because he likes his new synthetic lawn.

Call us today at (877) 553-7277 (FRASS) to learn more about synthetic turf installation for your home.

artificial grass dog4

*Artificial turf can take the punishment a big dog can dish out.

artificial turf

*Artificial turf is great for dogs.

Artificial turf

*Triumph is a character on the Conan O’Brien show and his famous punch line is “For me to poop on!”

He would certainly agree, Frass is great – “For him to poop on!”