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Which Artificial Turf is Best for You?

Which Artificial Turf is Best for You?

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Synthetic Turf Grass

Artificial/Synthetic turf grass lawns have become a very popular alternative to natural grass.  A large installation service industry has emerged due to the high demand of Synthetic/artificial turf grass lawns.  There are so many companies installing artificial turf grass that the market has become very competitive and cut throat; which is good for end consumers in some ways but not good in others.  Each artificial turf grass company claims to be better than the next and each one seems to be telling consumers something entirely different.  There are many reputable artificial turf grass companies in L.A..  “Frass” makes it a practice not to bad mouth the competition.  Unfortunately for them, other synthetic turf grass companies do bad mouth everyone else.  As a consumer, when you hear someone bad mouthing the competition you should be cautious.  They are most likely on the defensive for some reason.  Possibly they are trying to justify their outrageously high price, or are trying to deceive you in some way. 

“Frass” seems to hear the same thing from consumers over and over.  Some companies (not saying any names) claim that their products are far superior to all others on the market and all other artificial turf grass companies are inferior in some way or another.  This tactic seems to be quite successful for some artificial/synthetic turf grass companies.  Do not be deceived by some of these overpriced companies.  It is naïve to believe that in this great American economy there is only one company who is so far superior or can do something properly.  For example, is there only one car manufacturer who offers a great warranty, sells a car that can get you from point A to point B, in great style?  The answer is of course not.  Whatever your requirements and wants are in a car, there are several car manufacturers that make a car which meets all your specific requirements, and they compete for your business.  Exactly the same logic applies in the artificial turf / synthetic turf grass lawn/putting green market.  Artificial turf is much less complex than an automobile though.  If one company manufactures a synthetic/artificial turf grass product that is in fact superior to the others; that product will very quickly be replicated by other manufacturers.  Regardless of patents, there are ways in any business to do something or make something so incredibly similar, that serves exactly the same function, in an almost identical form.  It is naïve to believe that artificial turf grass products can’t be replicated, and that another artificial turf company can’t install it just as well.  Not to say that a consumer shouldn’t do their homework on various companies, because they should, but don’t believe everything you hear.  There are ‘spin doctors’ who do a great job of putting good products on a pedestal and making them out to be the best thing – the only best thing – since sliced bread.

There are also artificial/synthetic turf grass companies who would have you believe that their one or two products are the best for just about any application.  For example an artificial turf company might tell you that their football product is the best for your dog/pet application, pool border, or general landscaping.  No one single product is best suited to every application.  Artificial grass / synthetic turf grass is not all created equal but there are many different varieties to suit many various, specific applications.  A football artificial turf grass product is often overkill or not as aesthetically pleasing as others, which are much less expensive, and will give you the same and more benefits.  Call “Frass” Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf Lawns today for a free consultation and straight forward business at (877) 55-FRASS!