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Consumer Awareness


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Consumer Awareness

Artificial Turf Grass Manufactured in China is Inferior to American Products

 *Shown above is an example of defective, cheap, Artificial Turf Manufactured in China.  Buy only American Made artificial turf products and avoid being victimized.  Spot Chinese turf by its shiny fibers and rough black backing.

“Frass” Fake Grass of Southern California has performed over one thousand installations of artificial grass and putting greens.  Practice makes perfect.  After years of specializing solely in the installation of synthetic grass/artificial turf we have learned the tricks of the trade that only years of experience and hundreds of installations can teach.  Our products are some of the best in the industry and we offer several varieties for you to choose from(see our products page).  We have our favorites but that’s just our personal choice.  That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla, Coke and Pepsi, Sprite and 7 UP, Bud Light and Miller Lite, artificial grass with thick blades or thin blades, you get the picture.  Beware of companies that haven’t been around long.  A warranty on your synthetic grass lawn or putting green is only as good as the company who offers it.  “Frass” is here to stay.  We have grown to become one of Southern California’s largest and most reputable artificial grass lawn and putting green companies by providing high quality workmanship and artificial turf products at a fair price. 
“Frass” is a licensed, bonded, and reputable landscape contractor (CA LIC # 896752).  We pay workers’ compensation for all of our employees, and we do not hire day laborers.  Avoid being victimized by unscrupulous or unlicensed operators by doing your homework and choose to do business with “Frass” Fake grass / Artificial Turf.  Home improvement is a top source of consumer complaints nationwide.   We understand how you feel as a consumer trying to choose the right contractor for your artificial turf job, hundreds of our customers have felt the same way, but after we installed their beautiful artificial turf lawn or synthetic putting green they found they made a great choice in choosing “Frass” artificial turf.  We regularly get referrals from our customers which comprises a large part of our business.  All of us at “Frass” artificial grass lawns believe we offer the best value on installed artificial grass lawns and putting greens in the L.A. area. 

Artificial turf products and artificial turf installation companies are not all created equal.  In Southern California there are many synthetic grass companies that come and go, but “Frass” Fake Grass / artificial turf is here to stay.  We ensure our place in the L.A. artificial turf market by providing top quality products and installation services at fair prices. 

Artificial turf products are similar to carpet in many ways.  Synthetic turf products are rated by what is called “face weight.”  Artificial turf “face weight” refers to the weight of artificial grass fibers (not including the backing) per square yard of an artificial turf grass product.  “Frass” Fake Grass sells and installs the thickest and most plush synthetic turf lawn products on the market. 

Be sure you do your best to compare “apples to apples” when comparing prices different companies charge.  “Frass” artificial grass sells only American made artificial turf products.  Beware of many companies selling inferior Chinese made synthetic grass products.  Even the untrained eye can usually spot these cheap Chinese Artificial Turf products by their shiny fibers and rough black shiny backing.  They often come in odd widths.  Most American made artificial turf products are thatched into fifteen foot wide rolls.  Chinese artificial turf products often come in thirteen foot wide roll widths.  Avoid being victimized by a local company who may be selling cheap Chinese artificial turf.  If you had a warranty issue, (which is rare with American made synthetic turf) good luck communicating that back to the manufacturer in China – and having them stand behind their product.  The artificial turf installation company locally might not be able to, or willing to help you recover any losses/damages.  The installation company will probably not even be in business when you need make a warranty claim due to the poor quality of the artificial turf products they have been installing.  They are probably hiding like roaches when the lights come on from their past customers. 

“Frass” Fake Grass has seen it all.  We have been repairing botched artificial grass lawns by other companies for over six years and will certainly see more repair work in the future.  Be an educated artificial grass lawn or putting green consumer.  Do your homework and you will certainly come back to “Fras” artificial turf grass lawns for peace of mind and security.  Many synthetic grass installation companies in the Los Angeles area do not follow recommendations made by the artificial turf manufacturer.  Many artificial grass turf installation companies do not even glue their seams together which will inevitably cause problems down the road for the owner.  “Frass” synthetic grass lawns doesn’t cut corners.  We use galvanized gutter spikes and timber ties to hold down the edges of the synthetic grass.  Inferior artificial turf companies don’t use galvanized steel nails for this purpose.  What happens with raw steel in moist ground?  It rusts, which spreads to the visible top fibers of the synthetic grass turf product and isn’t easily cleaned away. 

Artificial turf products require some sort of infill.  There are a very few synthetic turf grass products on the market that really do not require the use of infill of some sort but these are very few and far between.  Chances are that most artificial turf grass companies will tell you that their turf product is one of these that doesn’t require any sand or rubber, but in reality, they are just lazy installers who are not following the artificial turf manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements.  In just about all artificial turf warranties, the manufacturer has a disclaimer that says if the product is not installed correctly, according to the artificial turf manufacturer specifications – as in having the required amount of infill – that the warranty is null and void.  It is very tough for a consumer not to be deceived.  Trust in “Fras” Artificial Turf Lawns for quality artificial turf products and old fashioned business practices.

“Frass” Synthetic Turf Grass Lawns of Los Angeles is a little frustrated with unlicensed contractors and artificial turf companies that jump into the business, undercut everyone else until they go out of business and leave the rest of the artificial grass turf industry to deal with their problems/clean up their messes.  You as a consumer should be too.  Be sure to ask for references or drive by some of their front lawn installations to check the quality of their work.  Don’t be afraid to speak with the home owner at the installation as well.  Most people who have installed our grass love to talk to others about it and will certainly give you positive feedback about our products and the quality of our work.

With so many artificial grass companies in Southern California, all probably telling you different things, how do you make a good decision?  Use common sense and don’t believe everything you see and hear.  Read between the lines and don’t be naïve.

One of the most common questions we get about artificial turf at “Frass” is:  Does the turf get hot?  The answer is some gets much hotter than others.  Artificial turf products infilled with black rubber generally get hotter than artificial grass products infilled with other material such as silica sand or acrylic. 

Be aware of false special offers such as a company offering to double your water conservation rebate for artificial turf.  We do not practice deceptive business practices such as that. When someone starts their price way up there and then shows you that you are getting all sorts of discounts so that the price ends up being still up there but not to the sky anymore – be suspicious.  Can you buy a new Mercedes for the price of a new Hyundai? 

Also do not be deceived into believing that there is only one best artificial turf or company.  Different products are better for different applications so also be aware of any artificial turf company who pushes just a few synthetic grass turf products to suit any application you might have.

Better Business Rating is also an important factor to check out.  That is an easy way to avoid dealing with a company who has obviously done California consumers wrong in the past.

Certainly check that the company has a valid California Contractor’s License (ours is # 896752).

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