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Artificial Turf Grass Lawns Los Angeles Astroturf

“Frass” artificial grass Synthetic Grass Lawns is dedicated to providing Los Angeles area homeowners with superior quality artificial turf products and expert installation services at a fair price.  “Frass” fake grass / artificial turf is a licensed California landscape contractor (lic. # 896752) and is insured and bonded for your protection.  Home Turf of San Diego is a sister company of Frass and has been in business specializing in artificial turf for over five years.  Combined, we have performed hundreds of installations of artificial grass lawns and putting greens in Southern California.  Many companies have come and gone and left their customers with nowhere to turn when it comes to warranty issues or random repairs. 

Our synthetic turf installers are meticulous and really know the tricks of our trade which results in better quality installations with no visible seams or cut corners.  We run a good clean legitimate business and for that reason have retained most of the same employees since the inception of  both companies, and consistently get referrals for putting greens and artificial grass lawns from our many happy customers.  We own and use the most up to date, advanced tools and equipment to ensure installation quality of your artificial lawn.

“Frass” fake grass and San Diego Home Turf Synthetic Grass Lawns offers synthetic turf products from a variety of artificial turf manufacturers so your choices are vast.  Our large volume of business gives us real buying power leverage, enabling us to buy synthetic turf products for far less than others and we pass these savings along to you.  We offer artificial grass of various face weights, fiber types, fiber combinations and fiber colors.  That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla, Coke and Pepsi, Sprite and 7 UP, Bud Light and Miller Lite, artificial grass with thick blades or thin blades, you get the picture.  Beware of companies that haven’t been around long.  A warranty on your synthetic grass lawn or putting green is only as good as the company who offers it.  “Frass” fake grass and San Diego Home Turf Synthetic Grass Lawns are here to stay.  We have grown to become one of Southern California’s largest and most reputable artificial grass companies by providing high quality workmanship and synthetic turf products at a fair price. 
We pay workers’ compensation for all of our employees, and we do not hire day laborers.  Avoid being victimized by unscrupulous or unlicensed operators by doing your homework and choose to do business with “Frass” fake grass of Los Angeles or Home Turf Synthetic Grass Lawns of San Diego, a trusted Southern California synthetic turf dealers and installers.  Home improvement is a top source of consumer complaints nationwide.   We understand how you feel as a consumer trying to choose the right contractor for your job, hundreds of our customers have felt the same way, but after we installed their beautiful artificial lawn or putting green, they found they made a great choice in choosing us.  Synthetic Grass Lawns and Putting Greens.  We regularly get referrals from our customers which comprises a large part of our business.  All of us at Frass of Los Angeles and Home Turf of San Diego Synthetic Grass believe we offer the best value on installed artificial turf in all of Southern California.  Call us today at (877) 553-7277 (FRASS) to learn more. 

About Home Turf of San Diego

Home Turf sells and installs synthetic turf in San Diego, manufactured with your best interests in mind.  San Diego Home Turf synthetic grass lawns duplicate the look and feel of real grass blades without the imperfections, which is the end product of years of research and development.  Artificial turf has become very realistic and affordable.  Real grass is not just one color, and now neither is synthetic grass.  We offer artificial grass manufactured of fibers consisting of a mixture of two and even three different colors.  We offer San Diego many varieties of artificial turf to best suit specific applications, whether it be for dogs/pet runs, landscaping (commercial or residential), sports, or pool borders/surrounds.  Synthetic grass lawns from Home Turf San Diego stand out from other artificial turf in San Diego.  Home Turf’s fibers are very dense, soft and silky and a beautiful sight to behold.  San Diego Home Turf Synthetic Grass offers fake grass products of varying face weight (the weight of artificial turf fibers per square yard – not including the backing on the synthetic grass product).  Our synthetic grass makes an excellent surface for kids to play on, and not a bad place to fall either.  For added safety, or just a better feel, we offer an underlying shock pad that goes underneath the artificial grass lawn or playground, which makes you feel as if you’re walking on the moon.

San Diego Home Turf Artificial Lawns and Putting Greens offers three different types of infill for it’s synthetic grass products (rubber, sand, or acrylic-coated sand), for artificial turf products that require it’s use (some synthetic grass is manufactured to not need rubber or other infill).  These synthetic grass products that require absolutely no infill at all to keep the turf fibers standing straight up are a popular choice among San Diego dog owners with artificial turf.
San Diego Home Turf synthetic grass lawn fibers are surrounded and stabilized by a thatch layer (short layer of curled fibers below the tall fibers) and a special blend of rubber and sand or any of the infill varieties mentioned above. 
Rubber is a popular component in the San Diego Home Turf artificial turf system and requires some mention.  Recycled rubber tires and tennis shoes are cryogenically frozen and shattered into tiny smooth granules which are slightly bigger than grains of sand.  The rubber granules are of such a size that they stay mixed with the sand and planted deep in the synthetic turf so they can’t wash away.  We use a greater ratio of rubber to sand in our products than other artificial turfs on the market in San Diego which gives us a very distinct feel, and you get a non-compactable superior infill.
The end result of San Diego synthetic grass lawns installation system is a stable, resilient, shock absorbing, uniform and beautiful synthetic turf system. 
San Diego Home Turf artificial grass products are comprised of different fiber types which are UV protected so they don’t fade in the sun, and are resistant to extreme temperatures.  Some are a blend of only polyethylene monofilament.  Others combine polyethylene and nylon fibers.  Different pile heights (how tall the fake grass is) and different blade thicknesses and the different combinations of fiber types offer many differentiated distinctive looks.  Face weight refers to the weight of the fibers/yarn that is sewn into a square yard of the artificial turf product.  Several different synthetic turf backings are available on any of the fiber combinations you choose.  Urethane (a black plastic looking backing with holes drilled in it for drainage), Dura-Flow (black backing with another layer of white cloth type material), and bio-cell/enviro-cell (black backing with a thicker white cloth which is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, with-out the use of a petroleum base.  All the backings offered on our San Diego synthetic grass products are very permeable so your lawn will drain faster than it did with real grass/sod.

Synthetic Grass Installation


Synthetic turf/artificial grass installation is an involved process that is best left to landscape professionals such as “Frass” fake grass of Los Angeles or San Diego Home Turf’s team of experienced synthetic grass installers. The outcome of your artificial turf installation greatly depends on the artificial turf being installed to conform to exacting specifications of base, correct product choice for a particular application, infill (if required), seaming materials and work performed by skilled craftsman who specialize in the trade of installing artificial grass lawns or putting greens.  Water rebates are available in many areas on installed artificial turf.  Water districts are encouraging the replacement of sod or real grass which consumes so much of our water, with synthetic grass by paying for part of your artificial turf installation – making your synthetic lawn project more affordable for you.

Our typical artificial grass lawn installation starts by capping any existing sprinkler heads, which is the beginning of big water bill savings for you. Next we remove the sod (or whatever is existing in the area currently), which you will not miss mowing or having a gardener or landscaper lurking around the house who mows it for you. If necessary, we then spray a weed killer or use a weed barrier mesh before we proceed to make the sub-base below the turf. We then dump and spread the appropriate type of aggregate which can be a mixture of, or only ¼-inch minus decomposed granite rock, ½ or 3/4 inch rock to build the proper base which water drains through much better than a natural soil lawn.  We use a mixture of bigger rock and decomposed granite in areas that require more dramatic grading or filling.  The big rock goes down first, is compacted to approximately 90% compaction, then the smaller decomposed granite goes on top of that which fills in the little crevices between the big rock and forms matrix which is very solid and allows for exceptional drainage.
After we have compacted this aggregate to very exacting specifications so the artificial turf will have the necessary grade and look perfectly smooth we begin the artificial turf preparation. The synthetic turf is unrolled and we power broom the synthetic grass fibers up to create a more natural multi-directional appearance and prepare the fake grass fibers for the infill (if necessary) to be worked down to the bottom of the turf fibers. The synthetic grass is then placed where it will stay and seams are made where necessary. We then shape around trees, rocks and borders before stretching and securing the artificial turf to it’s final resting place. Now we power broom the rubber/sand or any of the three infill products of your choice deep into the synthetic grass lawn fibers using a bigger ratio of rubber to sand than other synthetic turf brands on the market which gives “Frass” Artificial Grass a more natural feel and better bounce.

Now that we’re finished with our part, all you have to do is enjoy the Southern California weather and your beautiful synthetic grass lawn, or maintenance free artificial putting green. While Synthetic Grass doesn’t require routine maintenance you will need to clean it periodically to maintain its appearance. Depending on how your lawn is used and whether or not you have a pet, you may need to wash your lawn more or less often.  Call us today to learn more at (877) 553-7277 (FRASS). 

Pet Benefits

Have Dogs?
Imagine an artificial turf lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from dog wear and tear and much more appealing to the eye than natural grass….. with a Synthetic Grass Lawn from “Frass” fake grass this can be your reality. 

  • Dogs and their masters love our synthetic turf grass because it’s easier to keep clean and more sanitary than real grass.
  • Waste is simply swept up and the artificial turf is rinsed off
  • All of our artificial turf infill choices whether it is sand, rubber, or the acrylic coated silica sand, are resistant to bacterial growth and are non-toxic to dogs and other pets.
  • Artificial turf/fake grass (‘frass’) synthetic lawns feel softer on paws than dirt, concrete or grass.
  • Muddy spots and yellow grass are a thing of the past, as dog droppings will not stain or discolor artificial turf lawns.
  • Dogs can’t dig through artificial turf / synthetic grass lawn products.
  • You will spend less time cleaning dogs and carpets since dirt is eliminated with fake grass.
  • Artificial grass helps maintain a pleasant and safe environment for your dogs and doesn’t pick up an odor.
  • Urine drains right through artificial turf and into a rock base before going into french drains or percolating into the ground.
  • Your yard will always be available for your pets as a synthetic lawnobviously requires no gardener or watering.

Any household chemical can be used to clean up messes on your Synthetic Turf.

FAQ’s About Artificial Grass

If you have questions, “Frass” Synthetic Grass/Artificial Grass Lawns has answers.  Call us if you would like us to elaborate or if your questions aren’t answered below.

pet friendly?  Pets of all types, especially dogs and their owners love synthetic turf because it’s more sanitary than grass/sod and is easy to keep clean.  Droppings are simply picked up and the artificial turf is rinsed off.  Liquids drain right through the synthetic grass so it will not pick up a smell.  Rubber/sand/acrylic infill resists bacterial growth.  Fleas and other critters have no interest in hanging around this synthetic turf material as they do in soil.  Synthetic turf from “Frass” Synthetic Grass Lawns gives you the ability to have a dog AND a beautiful lawn.  Muddy paw prints on your carpet are a thing of the past.  Pet owners save time cleaning pets and their houses.  A very high percentage of Home Turf artificial grass lawn residential installations are houses with pets, and homeowners have given us rave reviews on their satisfaction with synthetic turf.
Is the turf safe for kids?  “Frass” artificial grass lawn products are an ideal lawn playing surface for children because its allergen free and will not leave grass stains on clothes.  Synthetic grass is a very soft and bouncy surface which absorbs shock much better than real grass and soil.  For added protection or just a better feel we offer a pad which can be installed in place of the usual aggregate base under your artificial grass or synthetic lawn.  This makes you feel like you’re walking on the moon and provides additional safety for children playing on it.  We have installed this pad underneath many playgrounds with synthetic turf.
What does maintenance free really mean?  Real grass requires lots of TLC such as regular watering, mowing, fertilizing and edging.  Synthetic grass lawns require none of these things.  Every so often debris that might decay such as leaves must be removed from your fake grass and once in a blue moon the artificial turf fibers should be swept up to fluff the fibers in high traffic areas.
Is there an environmental impact of artificial grass?  Yes.  “Frass” is “green” the day it’s installed and for years to come.  The manufacturing process of the turf has complied with the most stringent environmental standards.  Synthetic Lawns from “Frass” fake grass also help conserve our planet’s precious water supply. Artificial grass has saved the county and surrounding areas millions of gallons of precious water.  Depletion of minerals in the soil (desalinization) is ended and carbon monoxide pollution from lawn mowers is also cut down thus saving our ozone layer.  Since no pesticides or herbicides are required for the artificial turf it also helps the problems with urban run-off that is polluting our local waters.  Synthetic turf products from”Frass” artificial grass are available on non-petroleum-based backings which lessens the environmental impact of manufacturing fake grass.   
How much does it cost?  Artificial grass is priced by the square foot.  Many water districts are offering rebates on installed synthetic grass in Southern California area which can make installed artificial turf much more affordable.  Many municipalities will pay for $1 of the cost of installed fake grass on installations up to 1,000 square feet and then a lesser amount on each square foot over 1,000.  The cost of your artificial turf investment is quickly recovered considering the savings on water bills and maintenance.  A sales representative can give you an estimate and help with choosing the best variety for your application.  Synthetic Grass is an investment, and can increase the value of your property (please see article link on the home page).  We accept most major credit cards and we will meet or beat any written Synthetic Turf estimate from a licensed California contractor with a similar product.  Check out our breakdown on the cost effectiveness of synthetic turf when compared to natural grass.  The monetary saving is just one aspect of your investment.  The average American spends 40 hours per year maintaining their lawn, that’s a lot of work.  This time could be better spent with family and friends, enjoying the weather and your beautiful artificial lawn.  We offer products installed for as low as $6.50 per square foot.
Why use synthetic turf for your lawn?  “Frass” Synthetic Grass can give you a beautiful lawn without all the hassle.  You will no longer have to water, mow, edge or fertilize.  Pets can’t damage our fake grass and will no longer make dirty paw prints on your carpet.  Artificial Turf is allergen free and will save you time and money.  Shady gardeners lurking around your house are a thing of the past. 
How well does it drain?  Frass synthetic lawns drain faster and better than real grass.  Backing on our synthetic turf products are very porous so liquids drain through at a very rapid rate.  Below the turf decomposed granite or a mixture of rock types lets liquids flow freely in the pre-determined direction to subterranean French drains or to where the sub-grade is directed below your artificial lawn or putting green.
How doesn’t it fade?  Our synthetic grass lawn fibers have UV protection so they will stand up to the harshest climates and certainly Southern California’s.  Studies have shown that Southern California artificial turf fades less than .5% per year which is imperceptible to the human eye even after many years.
How can it increase property value?  Synthetic Grass has incredible curb appeal.  A lawn with troubled sod can drag down the appearance of the entire house.  ‘A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.’  Many prospective home owners like the idea of owning a home with a synthetic lawn which requires no maintenance.  A perfectly manicured and uniform evergreen (single color), or multi-colored synthetic turf lawn will make a home look great!  Studies have shown that a great landscaping job, such as an artificial grass lawn can give the homeowner a 100% to a 200% return on investment when it comes to resale value of the house (please see the article link about this on the home page).  In addition, an artificial turf lawn will save you time, money, and the environment.  We frequently hear from our customers after we install synthetic turf in their lawn, that it has increased the usable square footage of their home.  Previously, their lawn was either too wet from watering or to dry from the lack of watering to really use the area for recreation.  In a nutshell, artificial grass improves your quality of life by leaving you more time and money to enjoy the many wonderful things Los Angeles has to offer. 

We are all familiar with the term curb appeal, the buzz word in re-sale of homes. Realtors know the first impression of a prospective homebuyer is the most important. Additionally, every homeowner wants the most coveted lawn in the neighborhood. Artificial grass can really make a house pop and look much better than others on the market. In today’s competitive housing market this can mean the difference between sale and no sale. With California’s environmental concerns, having the perfect lawn can be a challenge. Many municipalities are imposing restrictions on what days of the week a homeowner can water their lawn. If they are caught watering their lawn on days not designated, a hefty fine will be imposed. Perfect lawns are also not environmentally conscious.
Besides wasting thousands of gallon of precious drinking quality water when there are many places around the world with no quality water available; it is wasteful of personal resources such as your money spent on the water bill. Fertilizer which is a necessity for a healthy lawn washes away with rain water and runs into the Los Angeles area waterways and contaminates them. Add mowing, a shady gardener lurking around your house, fertilizing, aerating, weeding, seeding, edging, and watering, and you’ve got a real hassle on your hands beyond the environmental factor. The perfect answer to growing, mowing, and environmental problems is artificial grass. Los Angeles has been one of the biggest markets for artificial turf because its residents are generally financially secure and environmentally conscious. Artificial lawns are realistic.  They now look and feel like natural grass. They can withstand the harshest weather and will stay uniform and beautiful year ‘round.

No more pesticide or herbicides! Artificial grass lawns are soft and a great idea for people with kids since it is allergen free and a great shock absorber. Frass artificial grass offers up to a two inch pad which is installed under your artificial grass to protect kids from injuries, or if you just want to feel like you’re walking on the moon (like having the very best padding under your carpet). With synthetic grass, animals can’t dig through, and it is resistant to bacteria. Say goodbye to brown/muddy spots and holes resulting from pets. Artificial grass is non-toxic and provides no home for fleas or other creepy insects/critters. Artificial grass requires almost no maintenance unless you have pets, and if so it is still very low maintenance. Simply hose down the area after picking up after your pet. If you live in the Los Angeles area, or San Diego area, including Sorrento Valley, Scripps Ranch, Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, Santa Luz, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla


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Look for water rebate programs currently being offered in a select number of areas. Artificial lawns go by a number of terms: synthetic grass lawns, artificial grass lawns, synthetic turf, artificial turf, fake turf, fake grass, putting green, putting greens, synthetic putting greens, artificial putting greens, easy turf, Home Turf, Astro Turf/Astroturf, or waterless grass. Whatever term you use, an artificial grass lawn will give you years of lush looking, maintenance free lawn and leave you time and money to do the things you really enjoy. Another great way to use synthetic turf is for artificial putting greens. Frass synthetic putting greens provide Los Angeles homeowners with convenient and inexpensive entertainment for friends and family. Your private putting green will have a true roll and play like a natural bent grass putting green. Water rebates are available call (877) 553-7277 (FRASS) for more details. Artificial turf has commercial applications as well and can save businesses a lot of headaches.