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Artificial Turf | Synthetic Grass Lawn | Putting Green Purchase Process

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The easiest way to purchase artificial turf grass products in L.A. is to pick up the phone and call “Frass” Synthetic Grass Lawns and Putting Greens and speak with one of our artificial turf experts.  If you are anywhere near Los Angeles, Home Turf can usually have an artificial turf expert at your door within a few days at no charge to you.  The representative can show you the turf products and explain the differences in detail to you.  They may all look ‘green’ to you but different artificial turf grass varieties are manufactured with very specific intended uses.    Once we reach an agreement on the product of your choice and price, “Frass” Synthetic Grass Lawns can usually install your new synthetic turf grass lawn or putting green in the next few days.  If you prefer to do the research and gain artificial turf product knowledge on your own then simply read on. 

Artificial Turf has many specific applications so the first step in selecting the correct artificial turf grass product for your specific application is to decide what your primary purpose for the turf is.  Common artificial turf applications are lawns, landscaping, pool surrounds, playgrounds, safety areas, sports surfaces, athletic fields, golf putting greens, practice areas, dog runs, and more.  Once you have determined the primary application for your L.A. Artificial turf you next estimate the size.

Artificial turf is sold by the square foot unlike carpet which is usually sold by the square yard.  Artificial turf is manufactured in 15 foot widths (usually) so keep this in mind in estimating the area where the turf is planned.  Artificial turf grass should be seamed only parallel to the stitch rows – not perpendicular to the stitch rows or head seamed, so you must measure 15 foot wide sections first, and measure how long each 15 foot section of turf will be, at the longest point.  This is the easiest way to calculate how much material you will need for your Los Angeles artificial turf grass installation.  The actual square footage of your area will be very different from the amount of artificial turf grass material you will need to order to complete the job properly.  As stated above, it is against proper procedure to piece the artificial turf together in more ways than side by side.  Doing so may cause seam rupture, visible seams, and cost you more in seaming materials, which are very expensive, than it would cost you to waste more of the artificial turf grass and do the installation properly.  Artificial turf grass installations usually include approximately twenty-five to thirty percent wasted material (if done properly).  If the size the area planned for the artificial turf grass is less than fifteen feet wide at all points, you are sometimes better off to do the entire installation seamlessly.  Even if you waste a few feet wide by the entire length of the artificial turf grass installation, you could still save time and money and have a synthetic grass lawn with no chance of visible seams.  Proper installation of artificial/synthetic turf grass requires the use of heavy specialized equipment and installation techniques.  After giving the purpose of the artificial turf and material requirements consideration you may realize that this is a project better left to the experts.  So the next thing to consider is whether to attempt the artificial turf grass lawn or putting green installation yourself or to call “Frass” Fake Grass. 

Artificial/synthetic turf grass installation is a very involved process if the installation is to hold up over time.  The end result and longevity of the synthetic lawn or putting green installation is dependent on proper procedure which is described in our installation process link.  “Frass” synthetic/artificial lawns/grass has all the right personnel and equipment to do the job right.  We have the heavy duty trucks and trailers which are made for hauling the very heavy loads of rock and earth to be moved.  Sod cutters which remove sod and leave a smooth surface to begin building a base of aggregate on under the artificial turf.  Tillers churn up hard ground and make it easy to remove the necessary amount of earth, which is to be replaced with aggregate below the synthetic turf grass.  Vibrating plate compactors vibrate the rock aggregate to a very solid 90% compaction rate.  The right tools make all the difference in doing a quality artificial turf grass installation.  Tools are what make us better than the cave man.  Most of these tools are available for rental but by the time you rent the necessary equipment and spend the time to do so, you will find it cost effective to have a specialist in artificial turf grass lawns such as “Frass” do the job for you.