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Maninenance of Artificial Grass

 Artificial Turf Maintenance

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Artificial Grass Lawn

“Frass” recommends that you use a stiff bristle push broom, leaf blower or vacuum to remove organic materials such as leafs.  You may need a rake for bigger objects such as tree branches.  We recommend a stiff bristle push broom for fluffing up the high traffic areas as needed.  Synthetic grass can get dirty during long periods without rain, so we suggest thoroughly spraying the turf down; though you might feel a little silly watering your synthetic grass.  Weeds may occasionally pop-up along the edge and we recommend spraying with a chemical such as round up or just picking them out. 

Clean up after your pets by removing solid waste as you normally would.  Wash off any remaining debris with a hose.  If there has been no rain for a long time we suggest you prevent pet odors and dirt by misting the turf with Simple Green or a “green” household cleaner and thoroughly spraying the area down with a hose. 

If you own one of our synthetic putting greens, depending on the type of putting green turf you have we suggest different things.  If you have our nylon synthetic putting green you don’t have to do a thing except the basic cleaning described above.  If you own one of our polypropylene synthetic putting greens, we suggest that you use a water roller occasionally to be sure the fibers stay set.  Simply remove the flags from the putting green cups and roll right over the cup.   

Even “maintenance free” synthetic turf requires a little care but this is as good as it gets.  It sure beats the alternative of regular mowing, watering, fertilizing, and paying the gardener.  If you have additional questions about your synthetic grass or putting green please contact “Frass” Fake Grass at (800) 966-TURF.