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F.A.Q. About Artificial Grass

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FAQ’s About Artificial Grass Surfaces

If you have questions, Frass Synthetic Grass/Artificial Grass Lawns, has answers.  Call us at 877-55-“FRASS” (37277) if you would like us to elaborate or if your questions aren’t answered below.

Q: Does my Homeowners Association or city allow artificial turf?

A:  Some communities and homewoners associations (HOA) place restrictions on the installation of synthetic turf in front yards, or at all.  Check with your HOA or city planning department before purchasing or installing synthetic turf.

Q:  Is synthetic turf appropriate for residential landscapes?

A:  For homeowners who have difficulty growing grass due to shade, landscape characteristics, or pets, synthetic turf offers a way to maintain the desired look of green grass. In addition, many homeowners are choosing synthetic grass as a low maintenance alternative to grass.

Q:  Is synthetic turf maintenance free?

A:  While you will not have to mow your synthetic turf, grooming, and/or cleaning is required for ensure the turf is sanitary and maintains the desired natural look and feel.  Manufacturers provide maintenance instructions for addressing pet or wildlife use, debris/dust accumulation, and prevention of weed and insect growth.

Q:  Is synthetic turf safe?

A:  Recent concerns have arisen regarding the potential toxicity of turf surface materials, backing, yarns, or infill materials.  Many studies have been conducted and are continuing to ensure the safety of turf options sold to consumers.  No evidence to-date has shown that materials are harmful under normal use conditions.

Q:  Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly?

A:  Pets of all types, especially dogs and their owners in the Los Angeles area love synthetic turf because it’s more sanitary than grass/sod and is easy to keep clean.  Droppings are simply……………read more

Q:  Is the Synthetic Turf Safe for Kids?

A:  Frass artificial grass lawn products are an ideal lawn playing surface for children because its allergen free and will not leave grass stains on clothes.  Frass synthetic grass is a……read more

Q:  Is there an Environmental Impact?

A:  Yes.  Frass is “green” the day it’s installed and for years to come.  The manufacturing process of the turf has complied with the most stringent environmental standards……..read more

Q:  How Much Does it Cost? 

A:  Artificial grass is priced by the square foot.  Many water districts are offering rebates on installed synthetic grass……read more

Q:  How can a Artificial Lawn Increase my Property Value?

A:  How does a 100% to 200% return on investment sound to you?  Too good to be true?  Not according to a Money Magazine story on home renovations or Penn State University, Dept. of Landscape Architecture.…..read more

Q:  Why use synthetic turf for your lawn?

A:  Frass of Los Angeles can give you a beautiful lawn without all the hassle.  You will no longer have to water, mow, edge or fertilize.  Pets can’t damage our fake grass and will no longer make dirty paw prints on your carpet.  Artificial turf is allergen free and will save you time and money.  Shady gardeners lurking around your house are a thing of the past.

Q:  How well will a synthetic lawn drain? 

A:  Frass synthetic lawns drain faster and better than real grass.  The backing on our synthetic turf products are very porous so liquids drain through at a very rapid rate.  Below the turf decomposed granite or a mixture of rock types lets liquids flow freely in the pre-determined direction to subterranean French drains or to where the sub-grade is directed below your artificial lawn or putting green.

Q:  Will my Artificial Lawn’s Color Fade? 

A:  Frass synthetic grass lawn fibers have UV protection so they will stand up to the harshest climates and certainly that of Los Angeles.  Studies have shown that Los Angeles artificial turf fades less than .5% per year which is imperceptible to the human eye even after many years.

Q:  What does “maintenance free” really mean?

A:  Natural grass requires lots of “TLC” such as regular watering, mowing, fertilizing and edging.  Synthetic grass lawns from Frass, requires none of these things.  Every so often debris that might decay such as leaves must be removed from your fake grass and once in a blue moon the artificial turf fibers should be swept up to fluff the fibers in high traffic areas.

Artificial turf grass lawn

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