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Sport Turf for Home Landscaping?

Synthetic Sports Turf the Best for Your Home Landscape?

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Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf / artificial grass comes in many varieties, all for different applications.  There are artificial turf grass companies that will say you should use the same synthetic turf used in professional football, soccer and other sports for your landscaping.  Synthetic sports turf certainly can be used for your landscaping, but it may not look or feel as nice as other artificial turf products.  Artificial Astro Turf for sports applications is usually manufactured with tall fibers of synthetic grass which are held up only by large amounts of black rubber crumb.  The problem with using artificial/synthetic turf grass with this black rubber crumb for your landscaping is that the black rubber heats up to an unbearable temperature and gets tracked around, which makes for a messy landscape.  Installing this artificial sports turf near a pool spells disaster.  Black rubber crumb sticks to wet feet, someone jumps in the pool and the rubber floats around.  What a mess!  Synthetic/artificial Astro Turf is great for football because it is very resilient to someone of three hundred pounds ripping around in cleats, but do you need that durability for your home landscaping?  Or do you want to pay the high price for artificial/synthetic Astro Turf?  Professional football players and referees complain about how much hotter games played on artificial turf /synthetic grass Astro Turf because of the black rubber crumb absorbing heat.  You can get a much cooler artificial turf product that’s more aesthetically pleasing for less money and will last just as long.  Black rubber crumb found in some artificial grass / synthetic turf Astro Turf varieties for sports may not compact, but it does not provide for much bounce or cushion either.  “Frass” Synthetic Lawns offers very thick, lush artificial turf products that have much more bounce and cushion than synthetic sports turf.  “Frass” understands that many business and home owners want the best, most realistic artificial turf grass on the market for their landscaping.  Artificial turf / synthetic Astro Turf made for sports with black rubber crumb infill is not the answer.  Sometimes price is not a representation of value.  Value is in the eye of the beholder.  Artificial/synthetic Astro Turf with black rubber infill is the most expensive type of turf on the market but do not be deceived, it is not the ‘best’ artificial turf for all applications, such as residential and commercial landscaping.  Call “Frass” artificial grass today for product samples of our superior landscape turf and an estimate for your home landscape.