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“Frass” Fake Grass is dedicated to providing home owners with superior quality artificial turf products and expert installation service at a fair price. “Frass” has been specializing in artificial turf for over four years. We have hundreds of installations of artificial grass lawns and putting greens in Southern California.

artificial turf

We understand how you feel as a consumer trying to choose the right contractor for your job, hundreds of our customers have felt the same way, but after we installed their beautiful artificial grass lawn or putting green, they found they made the right choice in choosing “Frass” synthetic grass lawns and putting greens of Los Angeles. We believe we offer the best value on installed artificial turf in the Los Angeles area.

Our website is open forum so if you click the “Comments” button at the top of this post you can ask questions, make comments, or talk to others about their experiences with artificial turf.

“Frass” Fake Grass

 artificial grass

Artificial grass goes by many names: synthetic grass, synthetic lawns, synthetic turf, artificial turf, fake turf, fake grass, synthetic putting greens, artificial putting greens, astro turf/Astroturf, “Frass” (our favorite, and short for ‘fake grass’).  Whatever term you use, artificial grass gives you years of lush, maintenance free landscaping and leaves you time and money to do things you really enjoy. 
“Frass” Artificial Grass provides:
•A commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction
•Installations designed to meet your specific needs
•Detail-oriented, professional installation
•A beautiful, tough and environmentally friendly alternative to real grass

Regardless of your terrain, application, or landscape “Frass” Artificial Grass has the solution your looking for! Call for a free consultation. (877) 553-7277 (FRASS)

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Artificial Turf Increases Home Value!
Artificial Turf Increases Home Value!
http://www.palmdalerealestate.net Value-Added Benefits (877) 553-7277 (FRASS) How does a 100% to 200% return on investment (”R.O.I”) sound to you?  Too good to be true?  Not according to a Money Magazine More
Why Choose Frass Artificial Grass
Why Choose Frass Artificial Grass
Frass  has performed hundreds of artificial grass installations in Southern California. “Frass” Fake Grass, is dedicated to providing Southern California homeowners with superior quality artificial turf products and expert installation services More
Artificial Turf History, Applications, Advantages & Technical Information
Artificial Turf History, Applications, Advantages & Technical Information
Synthetic grass, is a man-made surface manufactured from synthetic materials, made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports that More
Artificial Turf-Glossary of Terms
Artificial Turf-Glossary of Terms

(877) 553-7277 (FRASS)

  • What glossary of terms about artificial turf would be complete without a summary of some of the names for artificial turf itself?  We’ve heard it all at “Frass” Fake Grass.  Some of these

Artificial Turf Saves Money

Cost Comparison- Sod vs. Synthetic Turf
Synthetic Grass Lawns are a cost effective alternative to natural sod grass. Return on investment is almost certainly realized within the warranty period of the artificial turf grass lawn product.   More
Learn About Artificial Grass
You can learn everything you need to or want to know about artificial grass on our website.  If you have questions just post a blog comment. More